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Scottish nudibranchs

Jim Anderson
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  • A photographic guide to the nudibranchs and other sea slugs recorded around the coast of Scotland.
  • 115 species are described and illustrated many with multiple images, including their spawn and food, and general information on the main groups.
  • Distribution maps for 102 species.
  • Reproductions of the illustrations from Alder & Hancock's 1845-55 monograph for 74 species.
  • The contents are:-
    Acknowledgements & Copyright
    Scotland & Nudibranchs
    History of Scottish nudibranchs
    Key to the information about each species

    Phanerobranch dorids - 28 species
    Cryptobranch dorids - 7 species
    Arminids, Janolids, & Dendronotids - 29 species
    Aeolid nudibranchs - 39 species

    Other heterobranchs
    Pleurobranchidae - 2 species
    Cephalaspidea - 4 species
    Anaspidea - 2 species
    Sacoglossa - 4 species

    Taxonomy: Names & Updates
    DNA taxonomy
    NBN Atlas
    Further information
    Alphabetical index
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Scottish nudibranchs

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