Papua New Guinea: Milne Bay - nudibranchs VOL 1: DORIDS

Jim Anderson
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  • A photographic ID collection of the Dorid nudibranchs of the Milne Bay region of Papua New Guinea.
  • There are 490 species illustrated and described many with multiple images and with general information about the families and groups, with 80 new species previously unrecorded in the literature.
  • This is the first guide to these beautiful molluscs in this area.
  • The contents are:-
    Key to the information about each species
    The Project

    Dorid nudibranchs
    Phanerobranch dorids 167 -  species
    Cryptobranch dorids - 94 species
    Chromodorids - 116 species
    Caryophyllidia bearing discodorids - 72 species
    Porostome dorids - 41 species

    Taxonomy & Names
    Further information
    Alphabetical index
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Papua New Guinea: Milne Bay - nudibranchs VOL 1: DORIDS

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